That's how ideas come to life!

DNA is the building-block of life. Every living organism has its own unique, unmistakeable DNA. It is thanks to this ingenious system that we are surrounded by such unimaginable diversity, all made up of the same components. It’s one of nature’s fascinating ideas.


You can also discover extraordinary diversity at PEGO SRS GmbH. And, as with DNA, it is perfectly matching components that allow us to surprise and impress you again and again with new ideas.

It’s been in our genes for more than 47 years. The experience we have, spanning generations, consists of creativity, flexibility and reliability. The perfectly combined building-blocks of our DNA enable us to bring to life unique product and service solutions that help you increase sales in bricks-and-mortar retail.

The other components of our building plan are the latest technologies that we develop and use, such as ERP process control, design, prototyping and production. From displays, to shops-in-shop and shopfitting concepts, we develop custom product and service solutions based on market analyses and taking the brand core and message into account. We produce these individually and in series, by employing certified procedures combined with top-quality products – which we also make ourselves – in a 5,000 sq. m factory.

This is what enables us to offer our customers fascinating and successful solutions that they can rely on at all times, and which, safety-tested by TÜV and DEKRA, offer absolute dependability. Furthermore, our solutions regularly receive the ‘POPAI Award’ from the Point of Purchase Adver­tising Institute in recognition of our outstanding creativity at PoS. This award and its high-ranking jury consisting of representatives from branding, retail, research and teaching recognise not only creativity, but also hard sales figures and overall success for the client, all of which are decisive criteria in awarding the POPAI.

PEGO SRS GmbH is owner-managed in the second generation by Dirk Gonse. This makes the company transparent and reliable. Our corporate philosophy is defined by a high level of trust in our workforce, whom we allow to take on tasks with considerable responsibility. As a modern, forward-looking company we consider ourselves dedicated to sustainability for the protection of the environ­ment, and we take our social responsibility and the promotion of our workforce seriously.

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