More success for brands at PoS.

From displays, to shops-in-shop and shopfitting concepts – as a full service provider we develop custom solutions and implement them in a way tailored specifically to you. Based on detailed market analyses, we design product and service solutions which will help you increase your sales figures in bricks-and-mortar retail. Using our 47 years of experience and our understanding of brands, we successfully present your brand core and message at PoS.

Consulting and concept

Presenting a brand successfully in a retail situation requires strategy. Building on a market analysis and defined aims, PEGO SRS GmbH develops PoS solutions that take into account design, function and cost. Innovative, creative thinking combined with decades of experience guarantee that we can bring a space to life so that your brand message is successfully communicated.


Construction is the foundation for ensuring product security and the production process. By establishing materials and production processes, we can not only define costs and time, but we will be able to make subsequent modifications and additions quickly and easily.


A prototype is a real-life version of the virtual model that has been designed. Design and functionality are brought to life and can be assessed for feasibility.


Qualified workers and the latest production technologies, combined with a manufacturing process which is PPS-controlled throughout, ensure consistently high quality across every stage of production, and reliable delivery times. Coordinated interplay between different production methods used for materials such as wood, metal, plastic and glass ensure that the design, function and cost of our products are all exactly the way they should be.


From a cost-efficient structure all the way to the detailed design, the way we process metal offers endless possibilities. Our powder-coating system and the surface technologies we use allow us to give every component the perfect finish so that it meets the very highest aesthetic and functional standards.


Single components, complete fittings made of boards with decor, varnished surfaces, oiled and waxed genuine wood furnishings – as passionate craftspeople, we can fulfil all of your requirements.


We use every common production technique on acrylic, polystyrene and PETG such as sawing, drilling, milling, bonding, polishing and deep-drawing.


Printed materials have to be executed professionally so that your message is delivered at PoS in a way that allows consumers to recognise your brand. We use offset, digital and screen printing, depending on the materials, load and aesthetic requirements.


We have our own logistics centre with 1,200 high-bay storage spaces at our own premises. This computerised warehouse is managed using barcodes, making it quick and easy for us to pick orders as and when customers need them. Our own fleet of trucks makes us mobile and flexible and we can handle the logistics involved in large roll-outs.


Our own installation teams ensure that you achieve all of the aims of your project as planned. Whether individual on-site fittings or roll-outs, we have experienced teams for any task in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Merchandising and maintenance

Our teams also undertake care and maintenance as well as updating to new requirements. Rack-jobbing, visual merchandising and travelling merchandising complete our full range of services. The display we create on site is your calling card in retail.